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Natural Diatomaceous Earth: Versatile Industrial Filter Media

  • Color White, Yellow, Gray.
  • Smell Like Cement, Chalk, and earth, it is normal.
  • Tap Density ≦0.53g/cm3
  • Real Density 2.1-2.3g/cm3
  • L.O.I ≦2.0
  • Moisture ≦0.3%
  • PH 5.5-11


Food Industry
Condiment: monosodium glutamate, soy, vinegar,salad oil, colza oil etc.
Beverage: beer,wine, yellow wine, white wine, fruit juice,drink virgin pulp. 
Sugar industry: fruit glouse liquid, glouse, starch sugar,sucrose. 
Medicine industry: antibiotic,vitamin, refined traditional Chinese medicine. 
Other: Enzyme preparation, seaweed gum , citric acid, gelatin. 

Petroleum & Chemical 

Chemical products : organic acid, mineral acid, oil paint, vinylite, alkyd.
Industrial oil products: lubricating oil, additive of lubricating oil, petroleum additive, trussed metal sheet oil ,transformer oil, coal tar.
Water treatment: daily waste water, industrial waste water, swimming pool water.
Other: electrolyte, electroplating solution, coating, washing liquid, liquid soap.
Cast Pipe Coating, Carriers & Padding Industry
Carrier: pesticide carrier, fertilizer carrier, catalyzer carrier.
Cast pipe paint: centrifugal parting agent with cast pipe. 
Padding industry: filling for dentistry.

Storage & Operation

Damp proof, Against sun, Avoid pollution;Airproof the broken package immediately;
Dust will occur when using this product, which is harmful to health. So please avoid absorbing it and keep it away from your eyes. In order to insure operation healthy, keep sufficient ventilation or use approved breather.

product description

Diatomaceous earth is a versatile mineral used in a variety of industries, including food, petroleum, chemicals and coatings. Its white, yellow or gray appearance and characteristic odor make it suitable for different formulations. Tap density ≤0.53g/cm3, true density 2.1-2.3g/cm3, meeting strict industry requirements. From seasoning to water treatment and cast pipe coatings, diatomaceous earth supports a variety of processes. Due to its dusty nature, proper storage and handling is critical. Diatomaceous earth is conveniently packaged in 20kg plastic or paper bags and 500kg tote bags ensuring ease of use. Diatomaceous earth has a variety of applications and reliable performance, making it a valuable asset to numerous industrial operations.


1, 20Kg plastic bags with film liner
2, 20Kg paper bags
3, 500Kg jumbo bags