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High-Quality Mica Powder for Paints & Coating and Construction Mica flakes

Mica is a natural mineral composed of potassium, aluminum, iron, water and magnesium. Mica is naturally occurring and is collected based on silicate minerals. It is formed into a thin plate or sheet structure, with different mineral compositions and common characteristics. Mica can maintain its elasticity and toughness even at high temperatures, which is why mica is most suitable for use in extreme humidity and temperature conditions. The mineral mica has an absorption range of 2% to 5%.

    Our Mica Mine & Factory

    Our mica mine and factory located in Lingshou county Shijiazhuang city Hebei Province, Our mica ore was mined in the 1980s, during the past 10 years, our annual production of mica raw materials was about 50,000 to 80,000 tons, and the production of mica products was about 12,000 to 18,000 tons. Our mica raw materials was supplied to more than thirty mica factories in the surrounding area. Stable quality and safe inventory guarantee won the trust and support from our customers. Our warehouse covers an area of 5,000m2 and maintains a safety stock of approximately 300 tons per month, enabling rapid delivery and ensuring the safety of customer production. Looking forward to cooperating with you.
    We focus on Lava stone, Volcanic rock and Pumice since 2009, the resouce is from North China, would be shipped from Dalian port and Xingang port. Our output could reach 1,200m3 - 2,000m3 monthly. In Summer and Winter season, due to heavy rains and heavy snow, our delivery time would be 10-30 days after confirm the order. We ship our products to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand etc markets regularly. Sincerely hope to establish good relations with you.

    Mica application

    Mica is used in a variety of products ranging from drywalls, paints, fillers, roofing and shingles, electronics etc. Other applications include plastics, coatings, rubber, resin and more.
    In paint industry, ground mica is used as a pigment extender that also facilitates suspension, reduces chalking, prevents shrinking and shearing of the paint film, increases the resistance of the paint film to water penetration and weathering and brightens the tone of colored pigments. Mica also promotes paint adhesion in aqueous and oleoresinous formulations.
    In plastics industry, use dry-ground mica as an extender and filler, especially in parts for automobiles as lightweight insulation to suppress sound and vibration. 
    As rubber additive, mica reduces gas permeation and improves resiliency.


    Size: 10mesh, 15mesh, 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh etc
    Bulk Density: 0.3-0.70g/cm3
    Moisture: <1.0%
    Impurity: <5

    Chemical Composition

    SiO2:  44-48%
    Al2O3: 21-35%
    Fe2O3: 2-6%
    MgO: 0.4-0.9%
    TiO2: 0.6-1.1%
    K2O: 7-12%
    Na2O: 0.4-0.9%


    Packing: 25kg, 500kg, 520kg, 700kg,1,200kg bags.
    Quantity: 12-15Mt/20’GP, 20-27Mt/40’HQ