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High-Purity Aluminum Hydroxide for Various Applications

Ordinary aluminum hydroxide, not dried, can be used as an important raw material for aluminum fluoride, activated alumina, aluminum hydroxide re solution, high-temperature alumina and glass, and accelerator. For the re dissolution of aluminum hydroxide, it can be divided into using hydrochloric acid to dissolve and make water purifiers, using liquid alkali to re dissolve aluminum hydroxide to make micro powders, using sulfuric acid to dissolve and make aluminum sulfate, and using drying and grinding to make aluminum hydroxide fillers. Aluminum hydroxide fillers are widely used in coatings, fiber cement boards, inorganic flame retardants, and other fields.

In addition, in ceramic glaze and enamel glaze, aluminum fluoride is an ideal raw material for convenience. In the industries of structural ceramics, refractory materials, polishing materials, and electronic equipment, calcination α- Alumina powder (rotary kiln) products made from alumina and ball milling are widely used.

    Our Aluminum Hydroxide

    Based on our good cooperative relationship with Chalco and strong production capacity, research and development capabilities, and logistics transportation, we are honored to provide your company with reasonably priced, stable quality, and timely delivery of aluminum hydroxide and alumina products. Looking forward to your inquiry and welcoming your visit.

    Some Aluminum Hydroxide Specification

    Low Viscosity Aluminum Hydroxide for Filler

    specification (1)4al

    High whiteness Aluminum Hydroxide for Filler

    specification (2)4lc

    Packing: In 25kg, 50kg, 1,000kg, 1,200kg bags.
    Quantity: 20-24Mt/20’GP.

    product Description

    Our aluminum hydroxide product range provides a versatile and essential raw material for various industries, including aluminum fluoride, activated alumina and more. With reliable production capabilities and strong R&D capabilities, we are committed to providing your company with competitive prices, high-quality products and efficient delivery. Whether low viscosity or high whiteness requirements are required, our aluminum hydroxide fillers are suitable for a wide range of applications including coatings, cement board and flame retardants. We are committed to continuous innovation to meet your specific needs and welcome the opportunity to support your business. Contact us today to learn more and explore the benefits of our products.